Friday, July 1, 2011

Air Chair

I used to have a bubble chair in my bedroom.  It looked cool, but  I was always tipping over...I think they've ironed out that design flaw, because here's the ultimate version, as seen at BizBash West---  These inflatable armchairs and love seats are available in white and black, are sturdy and stable—but are filled with air, so they're easy to transport and store. As part of a rental company, I understand the challenges of delivering furniture in pristine condition.  These inflatables arrive to the venue in a duffle,  and inflate with a  custom pump. The pieces work indoors and out. The company, Blofield Air Design, is European based, but looking for an American distributor. 
Check out more about the furniture here 
Photo: Courtesy of Blofield Air Design, Bizbash